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For over a year and a half through a series of visitations/visions the Holy Spirit took me on a tour of the heavenly garden. This book is an account of those visitations in Paradise.

Read about exquisitely jeweled singing flowers and butterflies, dancing waterfalls, and rainbow colored fountains that constantly errupt in dazzling displays in His Presence.Learn how our prayers on earth impact heaven's garden, and how the tears, laughter, and intercession of Jesus transform creation in the garden.

Walk throught the garden of swords, take a dip in the pool of forgiveness, and

dance with the multitude of saints in the field of lovingkindness.

Be sure and also purchase the companion music CD 'Songs from His Garden'

that features music birthed during this season of intercession.

This book retails for $ 12. (includes shipping/handling within the US)